“Parent Member” Nomination Information

If you are the nominated Parent or Guardian of a child (or children) participating in the PDBA’s Junior Domestic Competition and/or the PDBA’s VJBL Competition.

As per the PDBA Constitution, Rule 7(3) Parent Member

“A parent or guardian of a playing member who has not reached the age of 18 at the time of a General Meeting may nominate to the Secretary in writing no later 7 days prior to a General Meeting that they represent the junior playing member under 18 years of age and that parent or guardian will become a member with full voting rights. Only one parent or guardian may nominate per junior playing member. If more than one parent or guardian nominates per junior playing member, only the first nomination shall be accepted.”

If you wish to nominate as the Parent Member, thus entitling you to voting rights at the upcoming PDBA AGM being held on 20th October, 2021, (details of which can be found here) then please complete the application using the link below.


Failure to nominate as the Parent Member will exclude you from voting entitlements unless you have voting entitlements as per other Member Categories under Rule 7.

Applications for Parent Member close 5:00pm, Wednesday 13th October, 2021


Committee of the Pakenham and District Basketball Association Inc.

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