2020 Winter Competitions Cancelled

Hi Team,

Again we going to have to delay the return of basketball at Cardinia Life.

Due to the restrictions in place as of tonight 08/07/2020, COVID-19 is still a major concern.

We all miss basketball, but hopefully this time we can return without limitations.

Alan Lee


As you may or may not have seen on the Aligned Leisure’s page, the Winter season has been cancelled.

Please see comments from Aligned:-

To All Clubs and Teams,

In response to the Victorian Government’s announcement made on Tuesday 7 July 2020, Cardinia Life and Officer Hub Stadiums will be temporarily closed to the public from 9pm on Wednesday 8 July, in line with State Government direction, this closure is for a period of 6 weeks, however is subject to change.

While there are no known visits by a COVID-19 carrier to this facility, this action has been taken to support the Government’s effort to protect the health and safety of our State and Country in the wake of this latest wave of cases.

The health and safety of our community continues to be of the highest priority, and following this decision Aligned Leisure, Pakenham Basketball Association and the Pakenham Netball Association have continued to work together and as of Monday July 7 it was determined the most appropriate outcome is to cancel the Winter 2020 seasons in its entirety due to the re-enforcement of stage 3 lockdowns for the next 6 weeks, with our focus now on preparing for the Summer 2020/21 season.

All teams who have registered for the Winter 2020 season will be contacted over the coming days to arrange refunds for their team registrations they have paid through either PlayHQ or MyNetball. If any teams have any questions in regards to this process, please feel free to contact our stadium team by email on sports.cardinia@alignedleisure.com.au.

Our stadium closure comes as a timely reminder that we must remain vigilant and continue to observe the advice of the Government to protect our community and ease the pressure on our vital health care system. We all have a role to play in stopping the spread, and ensuring our community remains safe.

In line with the Government’s announcement, our temporary closure will be for a period of 6 weeks, however any decision on reopening will be based on advice from the Government as it is released, and any confirmation on competitions being able to resume will be in line with Basketball Victoria and Netball Victoria guidelines.

Health and safety remains our number one priority, and we will be working with relevant Government departments, industry experts and support agencies to ensure that when we can reopen, we return with the same high standard of safety measures we already have implemented to protect our community, customers and staff.

As the situation continues to unfold, you are encouraged to follow our social media pages and website for all of the latest information regarding stadium re-opening and competition resumption.

We are currently receiving a high volume of calls and therefore encourage you to submit an email should you wish to get in contact with our team at sports.cardinia@alignedlesiure.com.au

As we continue to be faced by many challenges throughout this health crisis, our appreciation of your support and understanding throughout this time couldn’t be greater. We are incredibly grateful to all of our clubs, volunteers and players who visit us each day, and look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is once again safe to do so.

Until we can see you again, please take care and remain safe.

Kind Regards,

Domestic Basketball update from PDBA and Aligned Leisure

To All Clubs, Teams and Players,

Aligned Leisure have been closely monitoring advice from the Australian Government as the Covid-19 situation continues to unfold, and in consultation with the Pakenham & District Basketball Association and advice from Basketball Victoria, supported the suspension of domestic competitions as of 13th March 2020.

The health and safety of our community continues to be of the highest priority, and following this decision Aligned Leisure and the Pakenham & District Basketball Association have been working together to determine the most appropriate way to support clubs, teams and players in finalising the 2019/20 season in light of the current situation.

At a meeting held on Monday 16th March a joint decision was made to conclude the season effective immediately, with no further games to be played. It was also determined that the fairest way to award place getter’s would be based on ladder positioning and votes as of the season’s end date.

As a result of these decisions, teams that finished first will be awarded premiers, with the second placed team awarded runners up. MVP winners will be based on the highest number of votes at the season’s end date.

We wish to thank all teams on their efforts throughout what’s been another highly competitive and successful season, with a huge congratulations going to all clubs and players who have now been awarded the top standings.

In celebration of these successes, winning clubs or teams will be contacted directly to organise a time for the collection of any trophies or medals at a pre-arranged time. This will be limited to one representative from each club or team.

While we acknowledge that this is not an ideal outcome, based on the current information available it was agreed to be the most appropriate way forward to support the health and safety of those involved.

Dates for the Winter 2020 domestic season have not yet been confirmed, with advice from the Government and Basketball Victoria being closely monitored to assist with any decision making. Further communication will be shared with you as information becomes available.

We look forward to being able to welcome you back as soon as practical and thank you for your understanding at this time.

If you have any questions regarding this decision, please contact Aligned Leisure by email at sports.cardinia@alignedleisure.com.au  or the PDBA at general@pakenhambasketball.com.au.

Kind Regards,

Dean Jamieson Alan Lee
Head of Sports & Stadiums President
Aligned Leisure Pakenham & District Basketball Association


No domestic basketball until further notice. 13/3/2020

Hi all,

In this challenging times that we not playing the domestic competition until further notice.
We apologise for the delay, but we needed to get clear information by communicating with Basketball Victoria, and then Aligned Leisure.

Aligned Leisure will then be able to communicate this to all Clubs and teams accordingly.

As the PDBA is affiliated with Basketball Victoria, we will be advised what the next steps will be.
We will then engage Aligned Leisure.

If you have any further questions, please email domestic@pakenhambasketball.com.au


At this stage, there is NO established return date, as of 13/3/2020 18:06




Update COVID-19:
Suspension of all Basketball Victoria related programs, events and league games from Friday 13 March

Dear Alan ,

As a Basketball Victoria registered Association please read information below.

Basketball Victoria has made the decision to suspend Basketball Victoria related programs, events and leagues from now, March 13, until further notice. This includes ALL VJBL games, Big V games and the Country Championships being held in Ballarat this weekend.

Regarding domestic basketball and any skill development programs, we also recommend the suspension of these activities until further notice.

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, we would like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as we work through this difficult period. This is a decision we don’t take lightly and want to reassure the basketball community that we will continue to work with the Victorian Government and other health authorities to ensure the health and wellbeing of our players, coaches, referees and staff are maintained.

Further updates will be provided in the coming days and weeks.

Nick Honey
Basketball Victoria

Basketball Victoria Association Update – COVID-19



See updated post 13/3/2020 


We want to reassure the Basketball Victoria community that we are in close consultation with the Victorian Government, VicSport and Basketball Australia, among other key stakeholders, and are tightly monitoring the public health situation and any possible impacts regarding COVID-19 (otherwise known as “coronavirus”).  

As of Tuesday 10 March 2020, all scheduled Basketball Victoria events and fixtures – such as this weekend’s Country Championships in Ballarat, VJBL game nights and the upcoming first round of Big V – will go ahead as scheduled. 

We understand our communities concerns and we will continue to monitor community needs and consult with government and other key stakeholders and make assessments as necessary. The health and well-being of our participants is our highest priority, but it is important that people remain calm and act on the best health advice available. 

In regards to domestic fixtures, please keep in contact with your association to stay on top of information as it arises. In addition, we ask everyone to practice high levels of hygiene health which are widely considered by health experts to be a key to disease prevention and management. 

We ask that the basketball community  follow the directions and information on COVID-19, issued by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) which can be found at: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus. 

For sport specific advice, please refer to the AIS webpage, dedicated to providing evidence based, real time advice, including travel as well as FAQs relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). 

We will continue to provide information as it comes to hand. 


Nick Honey 

Basketball Victoria CEO 

2020 New Referees Needed

The growth of the PDBA domestic competition has resulted in a need for both junior and senior referees.

Referees are the “Third Team” on the court, are an integral part of the game. Without referees, the game cannot commence!

You will also be remunerated for your efforts!

New referees will receive full TOC/VBRA Approved training by a Level 3 Referee Coach, and is recognised by all Basketball Victoria affiliated basketball associations, and around Australia.
Once you have completed the school, your learning continues on court. You will receive support of referee mentors and Accredited Referee Coaches.

Potential referees will be required to attend an interview, before being accepted.

Training is normally across 5-7 weeks, each 3 hours in length.
The training also includes on court training and education, and evaluations.

Costs are normally around $150, which covers:-

  • Course
  • Workbook
  • USB with Rules and other essential Referee Documentation
  • Green Shirt
  • Fox40 Whistle and lanyard

You must be at least 14 years of age to apply.

For more information regarding training to become a referee or to inquire about refereeing in the local competition please email the  Referees Advisor direct at:- pakenhamvbra@gmail.com


School Holiday Basketball Skills Camp

Come and join our Big V stars including Brad Bridgewater and import Daphnee Frieson, at the Basketball players skills camp.

Open to ALL Basketballers from Ages 8 – 15.

Tuesday 16th April from 9am- 3pm at Cardinia Life.

$50 per person.

Numbers are limited – bookings close Monday 15th April at 5:00pm unless sold out prior.

Cardinia LiFE
4 Olympic Way, Pakenham, Victoria 3810


PDBA Annual General Meeting

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Pakenham & District Basketball Association Inc. will be held on Wednesday, November 21st at 7pm.
Location will be held at the upstairs room at Beaconhills College 30-34 Toomuc Valley Rd, Pakenham VIC 3810.

All players, parents, and coaches are urged to attend. The Pakenham & District Basketball Association is always looking for new input and better ways of doing things so if you think you can help, please let us know.

All Committee positions are open except for Vice President & Secretary. If you are wishing to nominate to join our Committee, please complete the attached form below and email to general@pakenhambasketball.com.au

Committee Position Nomination Form 2018
For executive positions, please make sure that nominations are submitted before 6th November 5pm.

Notice of Special General Meeting

Please be advised that the Pakenham and District Basketball Association Inc (PDBA) will be holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) at 2:00pm on the 16th September 2018.

Details of the SGM are as follows;

Time and Date : 2:00pm 16th September 2018

Location : Creche, Aligned Leisure, 4 Olympic Way, Pakenham

Agenda Items :

  1. Confirm by way of vote, that as detailed in the Constitution, the PDBA financial year is for the period 1st October through 30th September.
  2. Present and vote on the below motion proposing a change to the PDBA Constitution. (or download proposed change here)



To change the Pakenham and District Basketball Association Incorporation’s Constitution,

Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, Issue 7 – 20th August 2015.

Rules 49, as per the attached.


To ensure continuity for the general operation of the Association, and to mitigate risk against loss of knowledge and in-house expertise, a motion has been raised to change the constitution. This change would allow promotion and continuity of members to become members of the executive committee. In putting forward this motion, the current committee of the Association believes far better long term outcomes are able to be achieved.

The committee’s Bi-Annual renewal of all executive committee positions, can lead to disruption and a loss of knowledge within the Association, which in turn does not endear the Association to current and potential long term operational and strategic partners. Frequent changes in leadership also cause instability within the organisation and can lead to communication break downs.

In summary, we are asking that people nominate prior to the election day, so that all members are able to make an informed decision. This will increase the stability of our Association and reduce the possibility of someone from outside the Association coming in without an understanding of our clientele and history. Outside support and assistance may be sought by the Association to fill points of need, with the desire to increase the committee’s knowledge and expertise as a whole. This will allow for a more professional committee, and further allow additional interested parties to join the committee without having to necessarily take on executive roles in their first year.

Should this motion be passed, the next annual general meeting will see nominations for positions having to be received in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled annual general meeting being held.

Current Rule

49 Nominations

(1) Prior to the election of each position, the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations to fill that position.

(2) An eligible member of the Association may—

(a) nominate himself or herself; or

(b) with the member’s consent, be nominated by another member.

(3) A member who is nominated for a position and fails to be elected to that position may be nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

Proposed Rule 49

49 Nominations

(1) Prior to the election of each position, the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations to fill that position.

(2) An eligible member of the Association may—

(a) nominate himself or herself in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election; or

(b) with the member’s consent, be nominated by another member, in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election.

(3) A member who is nominated for a position as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2) (b) and who is nominated for committee positions detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c) or (d) must have in the previous 24 months, and for a period not less than 12 months, served in a committee position as detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e).

(4) A member who is nominated for a position as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2) (b) and fails to be elected to that position may be nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

(5) If no nominations for committee positions as detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) are received as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2 ) (b) then the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations of eligible members from eligible members who are in attendance.

Director of Coaching Position EOI

The Pakenham and District Basketball Association Inc. (PDBA) are calling for interested persons for the Pakenham Warriors Director of Coaching position for the 2018/9 Season.

The role requires the following, but is not limited to:

  • Lead the program in conjunction with the PDBA Basketball Philosophy, Basketball Development Manager.
  • Provide feedback to all coaches within the program and assist them where required.
  • Plan and clinic Sunday training sessions. Implementing the PDBA Basketball Style and System of Play. In conjunction with the Strength and Conditioning Program.
  • Work with a team of Age Group Head Coaches to achieve positive results.
  • Assist coaches with parent and player issues if they arise.
  • Attend Coaches Meetings.

It is expected that the ideal candidate will be available on Friday nights between 6:30pm – 10:40pm and on Sunday mornings between 8am – 1pm

Written applications should be emailed to president@pakenhambasketball.com.au

Applications close Monday 18th August 2018.

School Holiday Basketball Camp

Would you like your kids to spend two days of the school holidays participating in a quality well rounded, informative and (most importantly) FUN basketball camp? Well, the Pakenham Warriors Skill Camp for all skill levels is ready and waiting for your participation.

These camps encourage players to develop fundamental techniques and strategies of the game, whilst enhancing their basketball skill set.

By implementing specialised drills, and providing a wealth of basketball knowledge through our coaches, your kids will be challenged, learn a wide range of skills and get the chance to meet other players from their area – all with the aim of improving their drive, motivation and confidence with the game.

The focus will be put on group needs, as well as that of the individual, with coaches utilizing engaging and interesting training methods. As a result, your kids will enjoy themselves whilst being challenged to build their basketball skill and discipline for the game

When:  Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July from 9:30am – 3:00pm
Where:  Cardinia Life Basketball Courts
Cost:  $100 for both days.

Book your place HERE (https://www.trybooking.com/391578)