Warriors at Huskies training

Pakenham Huskies Basketball Club had Pakenham Warriors Big V Players & Coach attend some training sessions last week. The players and Coach spoke with Huskies players, ran some drills and socialised with them. Great fun was had by all.

Pictured is “The Bolting Huskies” U12 team coached by Big V Development Player Logan Mills with Warriors players Ben Gaze, Josh Bjelan & Brad Bridgewater, Big V Coach Brent Russell and Huskies President Mark Bau.

If your Club/Teams are interested in having Big V Players and Coach attended and run one of your training session, then please contact Big V Coach Brent Russell at


Australian Goannas v Pakenham Warriors YLM

The Goannas are the Men’s National representative team for Deaf basketball in Australia and is made up of the best deaf athletes throughout the nation. Residing in multiple states, players travel once every month to their training base in Melbourne to train together for a weekend before resuming their normal representative club duties back home. 

Once again this year, the Pakenham Warriors Youth League Men’s team will host an exhibition game against the Goannas.

  • Where:  “The Colosseum” – Cardinia LiFE, Pakenham
  • When:  Saturday Feb 24th at 6pm


2018 Pakenham Warriors Big V Teams Singlet Presentation

  • Youth League Men – Prior to Goanna’s Game
  • Youth League Women – at Half Time Interval
  • Division 2 Men – also at Half Time Interval



School Holiday Camps Cancelled

Unfortunately, both the School Holiday Basketball Skills Camp and the School Holiday REP only Super Camp scheduled for this coming week have had to be cancelled.

Refunds have been issued to all that had booked.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


PDBA President Christmas Message

Dear Pakenham Basketball family,

On behalf of the entire PDBA Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one, in our extended basketball community, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May we always be mindful of the spirit of caring, sharing, love and generosity over the festive season. I’m particularly aware that the success of our basketball association rests upon the valuable support of our members and the hard work of the committees and volunteers, who so generously give their time and energy.
Let’s all do our best to improve the depth of our involvement in society and grow as individuals, contributing in whatever capacity we are able, for the benefit of our families and the community. There is a direct correlation to the effectiveness of the Association and your membership, and how involved you are in the activities and opportunities provided by the Association.

I urge everyone to assist the PDBA to continue on our journey of growth, embrace the experience and encourage others to participate in 2018.
Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful support and dedication. Whether you’re a serving member, volunteer, sponsor, player, parent, coach or assistant, your contributions to the Pakenham & District Basketball Association, are priceless.

Wishing you and your families a safe & enjoyable Christmas festive season.

Best Wishes,

Alan Lee
Pakenham & District Basketball Association


By-Law change

Revision 3.9.1 of the Pakenham & District Basketball Association By-Laws has been released.

Notably, Rule 10 has been altered and now reads:

  • A junior player who has attained the age of 14 years, but has not attained the age of 18 years, may not participate in senior competition until the player’s parent or guardian has provided, in writing to the Committee, consent to play on behalf of the player. The consent may be either by letter to the Committee, or endorsed on the back of the score sheet and signed by the player’s parent or guardian in the presence of, and duly witnessed by, the Referee at time of taking the court.

Find the PDBA By-Laws here.


Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Pakenham & District Basketball Association Inc. will be held on Sunday, October 22nd at 11:30am in the Creche at Cardinia LiFE, 4 Olympic Way Pakenham.

All players, parents, and coaches are urged to attend. The Pakenham & District Basketball Association is always looking for new input and better ways of doing things so if you think you can help, please let us know.

All Committee positions are open except for President & Treasurer. If you are wishing to nominate to join our Committee, please complete the attached form below and email to


Pakenham Warriors Junior Rep Program


The Pakenham Warriors Junior Rep Program gives talented basketballplayers the opportunity to play at the representative level, which is the peak competition for Juniors in the Melbourne United Victorian JuniorBasketball League (MUVJBL).

The competition caters for boys and girls, from U12’s to U20’s.

The Pakenham & District Basketball Association(PDBA) participate in the MUVJBL as Pakenham Warriors and have quicklydeveloped a reputation as one of the most ‘up & coming’ clubs in thecompetition. 

Try-outs for the Rep Program run in September/October each year.

  • Are you considering trying out for a Pakenham Warriors team to playin next season but are unsure if you have the necessary skills to play at the Rep level?
  • Have you played Rep Basketball before and are unsure if you shouldtry-out again?
  • Are you interested in playing Rep in the near future or want to find outmore about exactly what’s involved in being a Pakenham Warrior?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then you SHOULD register for the 2017/18 Rep Ready Program. 

The weekly sessions, that are conducted by the Pakenham Warriors Directors of Coaching and other current Warriors Rep Coaches, will focus on the game’s fundamentals that are necessary to compete at the Junior Rep level.


Both Boys and Girls born between 2003-2008 can register for the Rep Ready program.

  • Cardinia LiFE Basketball Stadium
  • 4 x Sunday sessions (Sept 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th)


  • 11:30am to 1pm


  • $40 (total for all 4 weeks)

If the BOOKING link above does not work, follow this link.

1st August, Working with Children’s Check

Click here for WWCC website

Working with Children’s Check
You would have received in April advise of changes that commenced on the 1st August, to the Working with Children process that considerably widened the scope of who would be required to obtain a Working with Children Check.

There are two (2) major changes:

  1.  Until 1 August, if a person working with children was supervised by a person who had a Working with Children Check, that person did not require a check themselves.  This provision has been removed and all people working with children need to be checked;
  2.  The Working with Children Act requires that people over 18 years of age who are working with children who have direct contact need the check.  Before the amendment, “Direct contact” was defined as any contact between a person and a child that involves physical contact or face to face oral communication.  Now it also includes any oral, written or electronic contact.

There has been much discussion of the requirements in the media and many enquiries made to Basketball Victoria.  Much of this has centred around the question of whether scorers/score table officials are required to have a WWCC.  Basketball Victoria’s view is that scorers are now caught by the Act.

In many cases, the scorers are parents on a roster scoring their own children’s games.  Parents in this situation are exempted by the Act.  Basketball Victoria has not recognised that exemption and requires parents to have the Working with Children Check and to sign the Member Protection Declaration. This is because the Government regards the Working with Children Check as a minimum standard and urges organisations to take other measures.  The existing Basketball Victoria Member Protection By-laws now require updating to take into account the recent amendments to the Working with Children Act.  This process will take some months. Until these amendments are put in place, parents scoring their own children’s games will not be in breach of the Act or Basketball Victoria By Laws.

Other positions in question include door keepers and canteen staff.  These positions have previously required WWCCs, unless there was a supervisor on duty. The recent amendments now require these positions to have a WWCC regardless of whether there is a supervisor present or not. If door keepers and canteen staff are paid, there will be a fee charged to obtain their Working with Children Check.  Volunteers do not pay a fee. Referees continue to be regarded as volunteers and are not required to pay a fee.

Furthermore, any person who takes telephone calls from children or sends out newsletters, fixtures or other electronic contact with children will also require a WWCC.

In summary: 

  1. Associations and clubs need to look at all appointed persons, staff or volunteers, and evaluate whether they need the Working with Children Check under the amended Act;
  2.  Put in place procedures to ensure all of those people have had the check.

Committee Member – Advertisement

The Committee of the Pakenham & District Basketball Association (PDBA) is seeking applications from suitably experienced and interested individuals to fill voluntary Committee member positions.  We are seeking candidates whose interests align with the strategic direction of the Association and who will complement the current skill mix of the Committee.

The PDBA is a thriving and growing basketball association centred on the Shire of Cardinia in the outer south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  The PDBA has experienced strong growth over the last decade with over 3500 participants.  The junior and senior representative programs have also seen rapid growth in size and improvements in results in recent years.  To build on that growth, the PDBA wishes to continue the high level of professionalism in all aspects of the Association’s operations.

The operation of the PDBA is currently not run by paid staff, but rather a network of volunteers within an Association composed of member clubs and stand-alone teams.

The 10 member Committee of the PDBA, comprising of 4 Executive (elected each year for two-year terms) and 6 General members, meet approximately 10 times per year.  The Committee has various standing and ad-hoc sub-committees.  Committee members are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting in October and some basketball events or functions.

Enquiries about the position should be directed to the PDBA President, Alan Lee, at