Heat Policy

Pakenham & District Basketball Association Inc. operate under the guidance of Basketball Victoria and will enforce the Basketball Victoria Climate Policy for days of high heat.


  1. All persons involved in the organisation of games must be aware of the effect that extremes of weather can have on person playing or attending basketball and put in place adequate contingencies for the minimising of risk to persons, particularly when high temperatures are expected. Where high temperatures are expected organisers of games must know the extremes or temperature, which can occur in the particular venue.
  2. Where high temperatures are expected game organisers must make reasonable attempts to ensure:
    • Full knowledge of availability of first aid equipment and first aid and medical personnel is accessible by all persons attending;
    • Referees and other officials are aware of the symptoms of heat stress and are instructed to be on the alert to notice any such symptoms;
    • Referees are instructed to initiate regular extra time-outs during the game and to shorten the game if necessary;
    • Players are made aware of the need to hydrate regularly before and after the game and that facilities are available for them to do so;
    • Facilities are available for players and other persons to externally cool themselves with water, fans or other facilities;
    • Adequate supplies of ice and ice packs are available for use where appropriate; and
    • Proper advice is available to coaches and players on the effects of heat, symptoms of heat stress, the need for proper hydration and the facilities that are available to prevent or treat heat stress.
  3. All stadiums must be fitted with a thermometer. On hot days, court temperature must be taken hourly whilst the stadium is in use and must be recorded in a permanent record kept at the stadium. If the stadium is in sections, the temperature must be taken in each section.
  4. (a) When the court temperature reaches 30oC competition organisers must consider implementing and where the court temperature reaches 35C, must implement the following timing rules:
    • If a game is played in halves, the game time must be reduced by 2 minutes per half with 2 team timeouts per half.
    • The clock must stop for each timeout (this may be modified for local conditions in domestic basketball) and the referee must call an additional compulsory timeout close to the halfway mark in each half.
    • Each team must call a timeout before the compulsory timeout and after the compulsory timeout. In the event the coaches do not (In force from 1 January 2001 as amended from 22 November 2009) call a timeout as required, the referees will intervene and call a timeout and attribute them to the respective teams.
    • If a game is played in quarters, the referee must call an additional compulsory timeout in each quarter if no timeout has been called by halfway through the quarter.
    • The clock must stop for every whistle in the last minute of the first half and the last 3 minutes of the second half (this may be modified for local conditions in domestic basketball)
      (b) When the court temperature reaches 40C games must be abandoned. Subject to any rule or ruling by a competition organiser,
    • if a game is abandoned before it commences or before or at half time it is counted as a draw;
    • if a game is abandoned after halftime, the game score stands as a final result.