Free online coaching course

The Australian Institute of Sport’s is offering a free online coaching course.

The online Community Coaching General Principles course has been developed to assist coaches to learn the basic skills of coaching, particularly those coaches working with children. The course is currently free of charge to Australian coaches.

Visit the Australian Institute of Sport website and register through the online training portal for more information.

There are also a number of other free course currently on offer through the Australian Institute of Sport online training portal.


PDBA By-Laws updated

Rev 3.9 of the Pakenham & District Basketball Association By-Laws has been released.

There are 2 changes in this revision. They’re highlighted in RED as follows:-

60.   A new player may be added to the list of players registered for a team after the commencement of each season, as long as it is not within the last 4 weeks before the start of the final series.

69.   In Senior and under 16 – 20’s games, after grading, players in incorrect uniform, as defined in these by-laws, will be unable to take part in the game. In Junior (under 8 – 14’s) games, the emphasis is participation. Therefore, players with minor uniform violations, such as incorrect colour shorts (pockets are NOT allowed) or inside out singlet (with no visible numbers), will be permitted to take the court and participate in the game. The opposing team will be awarded 5 points on the score sheet at half time, for each player that has a uniform violation.

You can download the By-Laws here.


Working with Children Checks

Click to read DOJ notice.

With the changes happening with the Child Protection Policies, Basketball Victoria has sent the following information that we all need to be aware of and ensure we are compliant to:-

From 1 August 2017, amendments to the Working with Children Act 2005 will come into force which greatly widen the range of people who will need to have Working with Children Checks.

Please read below as well as attachment – IMPORTANT INFORMATION – and pass on to relevant persons within your Association

The major changes which will touch on basketball are as follows:

  1. Direct contact with children which requires a check has been expanded so that it will not only cover persons with face-to-face or physical contact with children but will also require any person who has oral, written or electronic communication with children to also undergo the check.   This means that people like those who distribute electronic newsletters to children or manage Association or Club web sites or social media will also need the check.
  2. Until these changes, people working with children who were supervised did not need the check.  Now they will. So persons working in canteens etc. will need the check.
  3. If a person has been charged with serious sexual, violent or drug offences but not convicted or found not guilty, those charges will still be looked at as part of the assessment process in deciding whether a person will be cleared to work with children.

Further information is contained in the attached letter and on the web site:

As always, Associations and clubs should err on the side of caution in deciding who should be checked.  If in doubt, insist that the person be checked.

This should be circulated as widely as possible within the Association, but in particular to Association officials and to Clubs within the Association.


 Gerry Glennen – Governance and Operations Manager/Solicitor
Tel 03 9837 8000  •   Fax 03 9837 8077
State Basketball Centre, 291 George St, Wantirna South VIC 3152

Please don’t hesitate to ask, should you have further questions.


Junior Grand Finals

Grand Final Day

Congratulations to all teams and players competing in the finals for Summer Season 2016/17. Have a safe and restful Easter Holidays. See you all next season.