New FIBA / Basketball Victoria Rules – 1st October…

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As of the new season for domestic, and will be for VJBL quite possibly as well.


These will be added to our by-laws, and website shortly.


New Rules
Please be aware the FIBA rules have changed effective from the start of our new season (Monday October 1st).

To follow is a file outlining all the changes made, but the key changes for a domestic level are:-

– Technical fouls (player, coach and bench) will all now be two shots + possession (This is not the FIBA rule, but instead a state-wide by-law that will be used in VJBL and BigV as well).

– The inbound following a technical foul, unsportsmanlike foul or disqualifying foul shall now take place at the throw-in line in the team’s frontcourt (and they shall only be entitled to pass into the frontcourt).

– During an inbound in the final two minutes of the game, the referee administering the inbound shall give a warning to the defender (using signal and voice) about not reaching over the line and interfering with the inbound. Should this action happen, an immediate technical foul shall be assessed to that player.

– When the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth quarter or overtime, following a time-out taken by the team that is entitled to the possession of the ball from its backcourt, the coach of that team has the right to decide whether the game shall be resumed with a throw-in from the throw-in line in the team’s frontcourt or from the team’s backcourt at the place nearest to where the game was stopped.

– For a double foul to be called, the fouls must additionally have an equal penalty. For example if each team has 2 team fouls in the quarter, a double foul can occur, however if the defensive team instead had 5 team fouls (in the bonus), a double foul could not be called as the penalty for one of the fouls includes free throws and the other does not.


Notice of Special General Meeting

Please be advised that the Pakenham and District Basketball Association Inc (PDBA) will be holding a Special General Meeting (SGM) at 2:00pm on the 16th September 2018.

Details of the SGM are as follows;

Time and Date : 2:00pm 16th September 2018

Location : Creche, Aligned Leisure, 4 Olympic Way, Pakenham

Agenda Items :

  1. Confirm by way of vote, that as detailed in the Constitution, the PDBA financial year is for the period 1st October through 30th September.
  2. Present and vote on the below motion proposing a change to the PDBA Constitution. (or download proposed change here)



To change the Pakenham and District Basketball Association Incorporation’s Constitution,

Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, Issue 7 – 20th August 2015.

Rules 49, as per the attached.


To ensure continuity for the general operation of the Association, and to mitigate risk against loss of knowledge and in-house expertise, a motion has been raised to change the constitution. This change would allow promotion and continuity of members to become members of the executive committee. In putting forward this motion, the current committee of the Association believes far better long term outcomes are able to be achieved.

The committee’s Bi-Annual renewal of all executive committee positions, can lead to disruption and a loss of knowledge within the Association, which in turn does not endear the Association to current and potential long term operational and strategic partners. Frequent changes in leadership also cause instability within the organisation and can lead to communication break downs.

In summary, we are asking that people nominate prior to the election day, so that all members are able to make an informed decision. This will increase the stability of our Association and reduce the possibility of someone from outside the Association coming in without an understanding of our clientele and history. Outside support and assistance may be sought by the Association to fill points of need, with the desire to increase the committee’s knowledge and expertise as a whole. This will allow for a more professional committee, and further allow additional interested parties to join the committee without having to necessarily take on executive roles in their first year.

Should this motion be passed, the next annual general meeting will see nominations for positions having to be received in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled annual general meeting being held.

Current Rule

49 Nominations

(1) Prior to the election of each position, the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations to fill that position.

(2) An eligible member of the Association may—

(a) nominate himself or herself; or

(b) with the member’s consent, be nominated by another member.

(3) A member who is nominated for a position and fails to be elected to that position may be nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

Proposed Rule 49

49 Nominations

(1) Prior to the election of each position, the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations to fill that position.

(2) An eligible member of the Association may—

(a) nominate himself or herself in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election; or

(b) with the member’s consent, be nominated by another member, in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election.

(3) A member who is nominated for a position as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2) (b) and who is nominated for committee positions detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c) or (d) must have in the previous 24 months, and for a period not less than 12 months, served in a committee position as detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e).

(4) A member who is nominated for a position as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2) (b) and fails to be elected to that position may be nominated for any other position for which an election is yet to be held.

(5) If no nominations for committee positions as detailed in Rule 42 (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) are received as per Rule 49 (2) (a) or Rule 49 (2 ) (b) then the Chairperson of the meeting must call for nominations of eligible members from eligible members who are in attendance.


Director of Coaching Position EOI

The Pakenham and District Basketball Association Inc. (PDBA) are calling for interested persons for the Pakenham Warriors Director of Coaching position for the 2018/9 Season.

The role requires the following, but is not limited to:

  • Lead the program in conjunction with the PDBA Basketball Philosophy, Basketball Development Manager.
  • Provide feedback to all coaches within the program and assist them where required.
  • Plan and clinic Sunday training sessions. Implementing the PDBA Basketball Style and System of Play. In conjunction with the Strength and Conditioning Program.
  • Work with a team of Age Group Head Coaches to achieve positive results.
  • Assist coaches with parent and player issues if they arise.
  • Attend Coaches Meetings.

It is expected that the ideal candidate will be available on Friday nights between 6:30pm – 10:40pm and on Sunday mornings between 8am – 1pm

Written applications should be emailed to

Applications close Monday 18th August 2018.


School Holiday Basketball Camp

Would you like your kids to spend two days of the school holidays participating in a quality well rounded, informative and (most importantly) FUN basketball camp? Well, the Pakenham Warriors Skill Camp for all skill levels is ready and waiting for your participation.

These camps encourage players to develop fundamental techniques and strategies of the game, whilst enhancing their basketball skill set.

By implementing specialised drills, and providing a wealth of basketball knowledge through our coaches, your kids will be challenged, learn a wide range of skills and get the chance to meet other players from their area – all with the aim of improving their drive, motivation and confidence with the game.

The focus will be put on group needs, as well as that of the individual, with coaches utilizing engaging and interesting training methods. As a result, your kids will enjoy themselves whilst being challenged to build their basketball skill and discipline for the game

When:  Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th July from 9:30am – 3:00pm
Where:  Cardinia Life Basketball Courts
Cost:  $100 for both days.

Book your place HERE (


Pakenham Referees Get Awards

VBRA – TOC Pakenham Branch Committee.

At the TECHNICAL OFFICIALS COMMISSION – 2017 AWARD WINNERS last Sunday, the Pakenham Referees Branch, and one of our referees were recognised.

The Referee Branch won the Gordon Busby Award – Referee Branch of the Year – Medium: Pakenham Branch, for all the great work the Branch Committee and the Advisor have done over the last year.
We currently have the largest number of referees and referee coaches the branch has ever had. 3 Junior Panel and 2 Senior Panel Referees.

Additionally, one of our Junior Panel Referees won the Bill and Ray Hunt Award – Male Domestic Referee of the Year – Junior (Under 23): Kash Gaitely (Pakenham), for all his hard work for the association and his achievements on the court.

Male Domestic Referee of the Year – Junior (Under 23): Kash Gaitely

Please assist the PDBA in thanking all our referees and all the time that put into making the games possible.


PDBA Uniform Modifications

The PDBA will allow players to wear compression gear, as per recent FIBA rule changes.


During the Season, all teams will be required to meet the following criteria when issuing their teams with playing uniforms.

The uniform of all team members shall consist of:

  • Singlets of the same dominant colour front and back. All players (male and female) must tuck their singlet into their shorts.
  • Shorts of the same dominant colour front and back, but not necessarily of the same colour as the shirts. The shorts must end above the knee.
  • If Associations are unable to meet the above criteria they need to contact the VJBL Administration and explain why. If the PDBA believes there are exceptional
    circumstances they may give permission for associations to make alternate uniform arrangements.


When a team is named first in the fixture, whether playing at home or a neutral venue, the association/team is required to check the Contrast Listing on the website.
If a team is grouped in the same section on the Contrast list as their opponent, the first named team must change to their alternate uniform.


Religious headgear, provided it is black, white or same dominant colour of playing singlet, may be worn during PDBA games and common sense must be used in these situations.



The PDBA will allow players to wear compression gear, as per FIBA rules.

Any compression item must be black, white or same dominant colour of playing singlet.

If there is a logo or branding on the item, it must not be visible outside of the uniform or to be the same colour as the item. Eg, black on black.

The colour choice will be decided by the player’s team to ensure that players have uniformity if more than one player in a team is wearing compression gear.
This means that if one player is wearing black compression gear, any other player in the team must also wear black in any compression gear worn.


PDBA 2018 Winter Domestic Season Rule Changes

Welcome to all the new and returning teams to the PDBA 2018 Winter Domestic Season.

As of this season, we are enforcing the rules that FIBA have introduced.

Below is the details of the changes:-

  1. The “Unnecessary Contact” Unsportsmanlike Foul (new, additional rule)

This new rule applies to contact on a dribbler in transition if the defender has not established a Legal Guarding Position.

This will typically occur on a steal or turnover when a defensive player tries to impede the dribbler by reaching across or bumping them.

It does not matter if the contact is intended or accidental – it is still an Unsportsmanlike Foul.

It does not matter where any of the other defenders are on the court – there may be one or more defenders between the ball handler and the basket, but it is still an Unsportsmanlike Foul.

Transition starts with the steal or turnover and ends with the start of the Act of Shooting, or when the offense stops and sets up.

The “fast-break” Unsportsmanlike foul still applies as well. This new “Unnecessary Contact” Unsportsmanlike Foul is an additional ruling, intended to clean the game up in transition.

For guidance, if the defender has a legal guarding position in front of the dribbler but does not quite adjust in time and is called for a Blocking Foul, normally call this a common Foul.

If the defender does not ever have a legal guarding position on transition, which usually occurs if they are beaten at the start of the turnover, then the defensive foul will usually be an “Unnecessary Contact” Unsportsmanlike Foul.

  1. The new application of the Travel Rule

First, there is NO CHANGE to the travel rule regarding players who receive the ball while stationary. There are NO extra steps permitted, and the player must still release the ball BEFORE commencing a dribble. This is UNCHANGED.

The rule has changed for players who gain control of the ball while on the move. Essentially, they are allowed an extra step. This will become effective particularly for the “spin move”, but also applies to “catch and dribble” or “catch and shoot” situations as well.

This new rule can be hard to apply at high speed. For guidance, if the move looks “a bit wrong” but you are not certain, allow it. If it is clearly illegal even under the new rule, then call the Travel.

  1. One Unsportsmanlike Foul plus Technical Foul means disqualification.

For some time we have had Two Technical Fouls or Two Unsportsmanlike Fouls by the same player in the same game meaning that they are disqualified and have to leave the game (and the court area in most cases, although common sense might need to be applied for Juniors and in some venues).

Now the rules have added One Unsportsmanlike Foul plus Technical Foul means disqualification. This makes common sense.

Please note that the disqualification is NOT an extra foul – it simply means that the particular player can no longer play in that game.

Below are some videos to help with the changes:-

It may take some time for players and officials to fully adapt to these changes.

A friendly reminder to all coaches and players of the high expectations we have as a league on player and coach behaviour and that we have zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviour towards referees.

Referees are an integral part of the sport and the PDBA Domestic league is an important one for the development, education and experience it provides to the next generation of elite referees within the state.

Referees are human like all of us and mistakes will occur from time to time. Basketball Victoria and the PDBA can only be proactive in ensuring these officials are educated further on these errors (if any are made), to ensure we are achieving continuous improvement and upskilling them where appropriate.

Be rest assured Basketball Victoria and the PDBA has strong and prominent systems in place for driving continued improvement in this area, with coaching and reviewing processes occurring each day across all PDBA Domestic matches throughout the season.

If you have any questions, please ask the referee supervisor on the night.



School Holiday Camp with Perth Lynx

The Pakenham Warriors are hosting a 2 Day Basketball Camp for any and all basketballers, and also a 2 Day Basketball Camp for REP players.


ALL Basketballers Camp – 9:00am – 3:00pm Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th April 2018.
REP Only Camp – 9:00 am – 3:00pm Thursday 12th & Friday 13th April, 2018.
Hosted by Perth Lynx WNBL Head Coach ANDY STEWART & Perth Lynx Strength & Conditioning Coach, Darrell Morgan. Open for all ages from 8 – 18.

$110 for 2 days
Cardinia LiFE
4 Olympic Way, Pakenham, Victoria 3810

Warriors at Huskies training

Pakenham Huskies Basketball Club had Pakenham Warriors Big V Players & Coach attend some training sessions last week. The players and Coach spoke with Huskies players, ran some drills and socialised with them. Great fun was had by all.

Pictured is “The Bolting Huskies” U12 team coached by Big V Development Player Logan Mills with Warriors players Ben Gaze, Josh Bjelan & Brad Bridgewater, Big V Coach Brent Russell and Huskies President Mark Bau.

If your Club/Teams are interested in having Big V Players and Coach attended and run one of your training session, then please contact Big V Coach Brent Russell at


Australian Goannas v Pakenham Warriors YLM

The Goannas are the Men’s National representative team for Deaf basketball in Australia and is made up of the best deaf athletes throughout the nation. Residing in multiple states, players travel once every month to their training base in Melbourne to train together for a weekend before resuming their normal representative club duties back home. 

Once again this year, the Pakenham Warriors Youth League Men’s team will host an exhibition game against the Goannas.

  • Where:  “The Colosseum” – Cardinia LiFE, Pakenham
  • When:  Saturday Feb 24th at 6pm


2018 Pakenham Warriors Big V Teams Singlet Presentation

  • Youth League Men – Prior to Goanna’s Game
  • Youth League Women – at Half Time Interval
  • Division 2 Men – also at Half Time Interval