Pakenham Warriors promote desirable personal and social behavior, by players, parents, and officials to develop respect for other players, parents and officials from both our own team and club, but also importantly, for the opposition team and club.


Please read the copies of the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct that you received with the behaviour contract that all players must sign and return to their respective team managers.

Scoring Rosters

Warriors players are required to attend compulsory Sunday training sessions at the Cardinia Life Stadium in Pakenham. The times of these training sessions are set by the Club. Teams may also be offered a second midweek training session. Players are expected to commit to these training times. Every effort will be made to schedule times that are convenient for the majority of the team, however this must fit in with our club’s available training times. Players should be ready to begin when their session starts and be prepared with a full water bottle and basketball.

Some teams will train at external venues, fees for training is combined with your yearly fee.

CONSISTENT ABSENCE from training may result in the player being omitted from the squad.